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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  July 12, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. and i'm brian hackney. breaking news out of san jose where a fire burned at least two houses to the ground. good evening. it broke out about. the fire is north of here. it is mopping up and we have seen
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damage to another house. . [lost audio ] just hours away from completion and we are about to take you on a tour of the project like you never seen it before. this is the video from sky drone-5. our alan martin joins us live from the palace of fine arts with the unparallel perspective, alan? >> reporter: we -- what a gorgeous evening to be out here. spectacular. you know, 1936 when doyle drive originally opened they never
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envisions a $1.1 billion improvement project and never invisions us being able to bring you the first ever live drone view of this project itself before its completion. mike, with aero city. we are going live. hang on. you are in for quite a ride. we are at the palace of fine arts. we are taking you north along the new roadway as you are heading towards the golden gate bridge. as i said, what a spectacular evening to bring you this view. as you go north along the highway the first thing you notice, look how wide open it is. we have 3 lanes going north, 4 lanes coming south. new intersections in the marina. the off-ramps and onramps, highway 1, reopening again. what they have done, look at the railings. low profile. the light fixtures, they are all painted international
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orange to match the golden gate bridge. the idea is it is an extension of the golden gate bridge coming into and leaving san francisco. as i said it is wide open. the whole idea was access. not only access for people who are in the presidio parkway but for drivers. the original idea, doyle drive was so exclusive, they wanted to keep people out of there, the first idea was let's bury the roadway under a tunnel. can you imagine this? look at the view. drivers would of been robbed of it to the north. and sky drone 5 circles around you can see the palace of fine arts giving you a better idea of what it will look like as drivers and come into san francisco every day. again, back to the access point. so, when they said no, a tunnel say horrible idea they included 4 short tonels, wide open. -- short tunnels, they are wide
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open. providing access to people so they can walk down. this is level. if you are driving north you are on lanes that are lower than the lanes coming into san francisco, again they did it for a reason. they did not want to rob people who are driving of the view of san francisco bay. just a better look from sky zone 5 of the construction project. 70,000 tons of rubble have been moved out of this project. part of the old temporary roadway that will be removed. that will also be part of the rubble that is recycled as part of the project. i can tell you as unique as this view is from sky drone 5 people tomorrow morning come 5:00 they are going to be amazed when they hit this road and it reopens after six years of construction, we should add, too, another year in the works. they have other work to do, call it the finishing touches, cleaning up some of the dirt and make it look nice. some of it is the landscaping, a lot of work will go into that
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to make it look really, really unique and unusual. and, again, i hope it is something we can say only in sap fran. >> alan it is so amazing to take in. this drone is giving us an incredible view of the parkway right now. it is absolutely incredible on such a clear day. i know it took a lot to pull it off behind-the-scenes, correct? you will have more on that coming up? >> reporter: yes. coming up in just a few minutes we will talk to one of the guys with the company and see why a few months ago we were not able to bring you this picture. everything worked out, the timing, the day, everything is working. >> i always called you a good pilot. [ laughter ] >> fortunately i am not at the controls. good thing you did not need an airsickness bag. >> it is amazing, all right, thank you, and all of your crew there. thank you for the live look from sky drone 5. >> reporter: you bet. >> i have been driving past that for six years this is the first time i am going oh that is how it is going to work.
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sky drone 5 that is very useful. drivers will like this update, too, on the construction. the roadway could open by midnight, five hours ahead of schedule. the crews have been working around-the-clock since thursday night. pouring concrete, paving and installing medians and the road striping is getting done today. some safety checks are being done right now. the people in charge say they will be done ahead of tomorrow's scheduled 5:00 a.m. opening. >> it is great to say extremely successful to adhered to our schedule. it looks like we will be able to open early, how much earlier? i can not really pin down the exact time. >> drivers are, no doubt, looking forward to the new parkway, getting around the closure has been a bit of a pain. we have more on the latest on the traffic. >> it has been. especially if you are working your way out of marin county in san francisco that is where all
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of the troubles are. expecting slow and go conditions. you are going to need to give yourself a few extra minutes if you want alt nats. delays on california street and gary boulevard. -- alternate streets, there are delays on california and gary boulevard. richmond has not been bad. worked out. baybridge backed up. just down the overpassa at this point. i know across the span to get into san francisco it will take you 20 minutes. commuting out of the east bay into san francisco you can use the san mateo bridge. the fact it may open early will be a big relief for commuters coming into san francisco. >> all right, thank you. for traffic updates throughout the night and the latest on the progress go to if you plan to take a drive there tomorrow make sure your
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tank is full. why gas prices are suddenly skyrocketing. plus, this is the drone that is giving us incredible views of the presidio parkway. it took a big effort behind the scenes to pull it off. we will go back out to alan martin after a break
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another view from sky drone 5. we have more on how we are pulling this off, alan? >> reporter: we are down here, can you see us? are we zoomed in pretty good? i am with john, welcome. >> hi. >> that is your drone. >> it is. and i see a crew of a couple guys operating it. >> that is correct. a team of 3 to fly these things. you know, we do that under what is known as the faa section 333 redeposition that we were talking about. >> a -- redemption that we are talking about. >> yes. what changed?
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>> we operate under faa section 333 exemtion. we can fly these legally in the u.s. we have to fly forms. >> you can not do it for money. >> okay. >> you have to do that. we talk about it being technology, where are we going with this thing? it is like the wild, wild west. >> we are working on formalizing it with the faa. in five years it will be part of our lives. fabric of our everyday life. packages delivered this way, you will be seeing more and more news delivered this way. tv and immediate and supplies delivered this way as well for people in need.
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>> - - >> unique perspective. >> reporter: privacy is a big concern, how do you address that? >> sure. alan the laws that cover privacy. you can not climb up in a tree and take pictures through your neighbor's house, you can not walk in a bathroom with your cell phone out or walk in a locker room with google glass. we have laws that cover that. >> >> reporter: appreciate it. we will have more fun coming up at 6:30. >> all right. guys, it is a lot of fun. i do want to take the controls but not with that expensive of a drone. >> reporter: can you see where the drone is from where you are standing right now? >> i lost track of it. john do you see it? >> there it is. how high is that? above the tree line there. >> right now it looks like about five or 100 feet up. i can ask your pilot mike who
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is over there. but, the range is about what? >> the range we are flying under 200 feet. we can go up to 400 feet if we file for for it. >> but we are not doing that today. we are over public property and that we are having a blast. >> yes, we are good to go. >> all right, there. >> there you go, guys, fun. >> pretty fun, not a cloud in the sky. i am glad our regulations are cleared and ready to go. yes. awesome for sky drone 5. thank you very much gentleman, we will see you later in the newscast and at 6:30 as well. >> it looks like a lunar landing. [ laughter ] >> i know. all right, in other news, three people were hurt when a b.a.r.t escalator stopped. it happened this afternoon at the cal street station in san francisco. the injuries were all minor and it is back up and running. b.a.r.t is investigating what cause today to stop. commuters in mountain view
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were taken by surprise today. they did not expect the light rail to be shutdown. they did so they can add another track. the work will take all week. so, the line will be closed until next sunday. in the meantime, dta is providing bus service between the two stations. if you are running low on gas it is a good time to fill up your tank. prices are skyrocketing across california. look at the numbers at the pump. analysts blame low inventory and lagging imports. drivers are not thrilled. >> i drive a big suv, i travel far. yes, i mean, it comes time where you think about getting a smaller vehicle. getting a hybrid, something like that, you know. >> there is good news, they are picking back up and prices could start falling again in the next few weeks. let's take a look at the
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view from sky drone 5 along the bay shoreline. itit could see all of the way into wednesday, we are thinking it would you spot a warming trend, we have, that is in
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the symphony performed at the cruise terminal. hundreds of people showed up with blankets and chairs to
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listen to the orchestra. every year they provide free concerts like these to thank people for their support of classical music. it was a beautiful day for a symphony. >> i am happy you found it to your liking. it was a gorgeous day for just about everything but for driving a cross the golden gate bridge it showed you down but you had a chance to look thea the scenery. speaking of scenery, let's show you a look at these drones as these pictures come in. you can see it is gently back to the home station between the pasts past -- between the masts there t is really something. meanwhile, on the golden gate bridge you can see traffic is at a bit of a stand still in the slow lane, directing folks on to 19 and concord still has 79, san francisco, 69, and 78 degrees in santa rosa.
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here is what is happening. low pressure off shore, assuring mild weather through tuesday, a high system, and it will warm us up by midweek. so, if short we have fair skies, high clouds from time to time. it will warm up a bit on wednesday and low 90s by thursday. we already begun to hear quite a bit about the latest. i just want to quickly sum it up for you. it is this, if you sum up all of the models there is an 85% chance that an el nino and probably a strong one, the models show a strong el nino will still be present at wintertime in the bay area. and as a result if you look at historic data in years where we had a strong el nino most of those strong years, six of them in six years, most of this them had 140% average rainfall. not only does it look like there will be an el nino it looks like a strong one and that favors having an unusually wet winter.
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so far all good news, stay tuned. tomorrow in san francisco, 67, 85 at concord and the the south bay. 78% in santa clara. inland, the same. 90 at brentwood, 85 at fairfield. 81 degrees in san rafael. extended forecast calling for tomorrow and tuesday to be what we have today. wednesday, thursday we get a warm up. until next weekend when we slide back to where we are today. a little up, a little down. you want excitement, here he is. >> yes. did you see that? i forget how to get to the station. can a
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three games to make everyone feeling good heading into their vacation, giants are battling against the current for quite awhile. the stage is set. some are in the next steps over. chris, going for his 9th win of the season. how about that. now, inning ending play. 3 double-plays in the first 4 innings that has to go along with 7 strikeouts in the game. former dodger had them pitching in the big league for the first
5:54 pm
time in 2013. leaving it out, deep to center, gone. three-run shot, giants lead 4- 0. 4-1, san francisco, now, 2 on, 2 out, now, coming in at 95 miles an hour and gets jeff to put out the fire. really, scoring another run there. giants go 4-2. they scored 27 runs in the series and take a 46-43 record to the all-star break. since may 23rd the a's are a american league best 27-20. they will be represented by boat in the all-star game. they reminded everyone exactly why they will be in cincinnati for the midsummer classic. the bullpen, a big reason why the a's are 9 games under 500. top of the 1st, going deep, there is david murphy, right between the billboard, taking a home run away. he can not believe it. top of the 4th.
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now, again, after this baby. they are going to get back. wb mason a lot of plays in the highlights but murphy did not get that one. now, leading the american league catches with 56 runs batted in. the a's australia star, sunny, now, bradley going in. 15 ground outs, 2 singles. bottom of the 9th. now, putting a point on his third career shutout. the first of the season. that is surprising. 12-5, the a's this year share most of the all-star break since nixon was in the oval office. now, this is a young man's game. roger federer, 33 years old phasing djokovic. that set point, flipped on the lawn. federer got better with a tie
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break. back off of the ball. mother nature might of provided a jolt. it took the juice out of federer. match points finish it off. he made sure to sample the draft before taking the trophy. only the french open alludes djokovic, federer has not won a major since 2012. the final round, u.s. women's open. now, jung making her way up the board. birdies, now, finish with 4 under 66. now, amy yang led for most of the weekend. tied on the final. now, makes a par putt. that would of forced the playoffs. the 24-year-old chung making
5:57 pm
her u.s. open debut wins her first career major. now, a little jumpy, i would be, too. john deere, now, 34 the final 6 holes to grab a share of the lead and force the playoff. going off of the green. with tom, they are both par. the first play off hole, then, on the second, the second shot into the water. tough way to end the day. he shot a 64. now, he scores for the 12th win of the year. then, hops on a plane for saint andrews, at this point, you have to believe spieth is the heavy favorite. >> you know, you saw him on the tennis court, you can not blame yourself, right? >> they blame it on the stuff without much growth. >> yes. thank you for watching. we will leave you with a live
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>> glor: the hunt is on for a notorious drug lord. a year after he was re-captured, the mexican drug cartel leader known as "el chapo" breaks out of prison again, this time through a tunnel. a day of high-stakes diplomacy and drama. in vienna, negotiators from the u.s. and iran close in on a nuclear deal. in brussels, last-minute meetings on whether greece stays in the eurozone. severe thunderstorms and flash floods forecast from the upper midwest to the ohio valley. >> it's like a river back there! >> glor: and after a spacecraft's 9 1/2-year million- mile-a-day journey, pluto is finally ready for its close-up. >> we're not going to see anything like this again, i don't think, in our lives. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."